2019 The year of the Pig
Vietnam's Real Time Statistics
Meat Produced (Tons)
Exported (Tons)
Imported (Tons)
Total Consumed (Tons)
Consumed Value (M VND)
Consumed Today (Tons)
Pig Production around the world in 2018
Production VS Consumption 2019
Vietnam VS International 2018 Average Price Trend (VND/Kgs)

Imports VS Exports 2019
Production Growth Rate Per Country
Pig Production International Shares
City Pig Farm Size
Bình Thuận Anova Farm 16,000
Binh Phuoc Lộc Ninh 1-2 15,000
Bình Thuận Vissan's Gò Sao 1 15,700
Binh Duong Vissan's Gò Sao 11,000
Binh Dinh Mavin's Nhơn Tân 10,000
Bình Thuận GreenFarm's Làng Việt Nam 5,800
Dak Nong GreenFarm Asia 5,000

Pig Farms in Vietnam